Rashid Behbudov

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Rashid Bebudov
Рашид Бейбутов
Rəşid Behbudov
Rashid Majid oglu Behbudov

(1915-12-14)14 December 1915
Died9 June 1989(1989-06-09) (aged 73)
Moscow, U.S.S.R.
Occupation(s)Singer, actor
Years active1933–1988
SpouseJeyran Behbudova
ChildrenRashida Rashid [az]

Rashid Behbudov (Azerbaijani: Rəşid Məcid oğlu Behbudov, Azerbaijani Cyrillic: Рашид Бейбутов; 14 December 1915 – 9 June 1989) was a Soviet and Azerbaijani singer and actor. He has been referred to as the "golden voice of Azerbaijan".[1] He performed his songs in multiple languages.


Rashid Behbudov was born in Tbilisi to an Azeri family in 1915.[2] His father, Majid Behbudov, was a singer as well.[2] His siblings included theatre director, Anvar Behbudov [az]; and actress, Najiba Behbudova [az].

Between 1934 and 1944 Behbudov worked at the Philharmonic Theater in Yerevan.[2] In the mid-1940s, composer and pianist Tofig Guliyev began creative collaboration with Behbudov.[3] In 1945, upon the invitation of Tofig Guliyev, Rashid Behbudov moved to Baku. In the same year, he was assigned the main role of Asgar in the film The Cloth Peddler (1945 film) (Azerbaijani: Arşın Mal Alan),[4] based on a play[5] by Uzeyir Hajibeyov.[2] His role in this film combined with his vocal skills brought him fame throughout Azerbaijan.

In a short time Behbudov became also prominent Azerbaijani pop singer. His combination of vocal masterpieces ranged from classical performances to lyrical songs. Behbudov's rare vocal talent gave him opportunity to travel beyond the "Iron Curtain" of the Soviet Union,[6] and as a singer he toured with concert performances in several countries of the world, including Iran, Turkey, China, India, Japan, Argentina, and many other countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.[2] He sang his songs in Russian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian, and some dozen other languages.[2]

In 1966 he created the State Song Theater, which still carries his name,[7] and became its soloist and artistic manager.

He was married to Jeyran Behbudova, and was the father of opera singer Rashida Rashid [az].[8]

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Legacy and memory[edit]

He is the namesake of Rashid Behbudov Street (Azerbaijani: Rəşid Behbudov küçəsi) in Baku; formerly named "Lieutenant Schmidt Street" and renamed in 1991.[10]

On 14 December 2010 FLASHMOB Azerbaijan organized a flash mob to memorialize the honor of Rashid Behbudov and to celebrate the 95th jubilee anniversary of the famous representative of Azerbaijani music and culture.[11]

On 11 June 2016 a monument dedicated to him was erected in front of the State Song Theater named after Rashid Behbudov in Baku.[12]


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